Individual Valuation

In addition to the evaluation methods developed by LeanVal of relative assessment and absolute evaluation, we also offer our customers the opportunity to determine the value of a company individually and independently. For this purpose LeanVal offers the online tool ValueXplorer. With this specially designed web application, you can create your own company evaluations and change a large number of parameters individually and according to your own assumptions.

As a specialist in the fundamental analysis of stocks, LeanVal’s Research Navigator provides extensive fundamental data for every single company in our research universe. In addition, estimates are used to create forecasts for the future income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. These future estimates are fully available on the website.

For customers who want to go into more detail, we recommend using the ValueXplorer online tool, which enables you to create your own evaluation models. The ValueXplorer contains all the fundamental data of the LeanVal Research Navigator and displays the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow similar to a spreadsheet program. The tool can thus be used like a worksheet and the various parameters can be changed individually. For example, If the estimates of sales growth in the next financial year do not match the customer’s assumptions, these can be easily and quickly overwritten.

This procedure is possible for a large number of positions in the annual financial statements. In addition, the ValueXplorer offers the option of changing the length of the medium and long-term planning horizons and the assumptions for the corresponding parameters for a company. Examples of this are, for example, growth, EBIT margin, pre-tax margin, tax rate, cost of capital, etc. With the help of the ValueXplorer, various scenarios for the business development of a company can be set up and run through. By changing individual parameters, the sensitivity of the calculated company value can be determined.
The ValueXplorer is based on two valuation methods for determining the company value, both a classic discounted cash flow method (DCF) and a shareholder value added method (SVA). The SVA is determined using the Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) preferred by LeanVal.

The ValueXplorer is available in the “Gold” and “Platinum” price models.

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