Equity market valuation

In the overview Quant-Select-10 you will quickly fine a list of 10 equities, which highly correspond to the specifications of a LeanVal pre-defined strategy. The list is drawn up quantitatively according to predetermined criteria. The lists are usually updated on a quarterly basis.

LeanVal Sample Strategy Sustainable Dividend Europe

The Sustainable Dividend Europe strategy focuses on equities with the highest dividend yield. When determining the shares, both the current and the expected dividend yield are used. In addition, it is taken into account whether a company is able to generate high free cash flows and whether this will also be the case in the future. This is an important indicator of the potential for further dividend increases. In addition to the above-mentioned key figures from the value area, the other factors also flow into the strategy as a small addition.

LeanVal Sample Strategy Multifactor Europe

In the LeanVal multifactor strategy, the five factors value, quality, stability, growth and momentum are used equally weighted for stock selection. By including all factors, a well-founded and comprehensive assessment of each share is taken into account. This makes the result robust against outliers, since when viewed over a longer period of time, focusing on one factor alone can hardly outperform the market. With the help of the multifactor strategy, balanced and attractive portfolios can be created.

Further Quant-Select-10 lists

For registered users LeanVal offers further up-to-date Quant-Select-10 lists. These include, for example, the sample strategies Quality Value (value stocks) and Growth Momentum (growth stocks).  



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