The components

Description of the 'LeanVal model strategies' function

With the LeanVal strategies you get ready-made equity lists that depict a specific style or strategy. The pattern strategies are divided into three groups:

  1. LeanVal strategies (e.g. Value Quality, or Dividends Europe)
  2. Guru strategies (e.g. Piotroski F-Score or Greenblatt Magic Formula)
  3. Single-style strategies (e.g. value, growth, momentum)

Please note that you are working on the research platform with a pure analysis tool, which does not represent advice or replace a consultation. For the implementation of your ideas in a real portfolio, we recommend the know-how of our asset management company. Further information is available at .

The strategies are created with the equity screener. In the first step we get the stocks that are most interesting relative to each other according to the chosen strategy. In the second step we consider the absolute valuation.

In the LeanVal sample strategies function, select the desired strategy and press the upper button Apply sample strategy. Please note that this portfolio – in contrast to the model strategies – is not reallocated on a monthly basis.

The key figures are calculated from the weighting of the individual portfolio components and their key figures. If a key figure is not available for a stock, the weighting of this stockis not taken into account and the portfolio is extrapolated to 100%.

For the performance graphics, the current composition of the portfolio is also used for the past.



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